Monday, November 9, 2009


Thanksgiving is coming! I love thanksgiving, it is by a landslide my very favorite holiday. There's no stress of finding the perfect gift for anyone, no guilt of receiving gifts i don't need (not that I'm not grateful for the one's I do!) and it's all about spending time with my lovely family and all the wonderful food they make. One of my favorite online stores that sells things I certainly don't need and can't afford but love to drool over anyways, Modcloth, is hosting a thanksgiving Thank-a-thon Blog contest, here, where you can write about what/who you're thankful for and then win a gift certificate! Since I'm all about Thanksgiving and free clothes, I figured I can shamelessly enter and post about it.

Anyways, my what and or who I'm thankful for go together: I'm thankful for my college education (no really, now that it's almost over too I'm getting extra appreciative), and for my dad for making it possible for me. I do tell him this, and I hope he understands that I mean it and I'm not just saying it because I'm required to. Really, I'm so lucky to have a wonderful dad and an exceptional education.

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