Sunday, April 19, 2009

First Post, or I can't sleep

I can't sleep. I can't sleep because my mind is so full of everything I want to do, everything I want to learn, everything I want to see. I've been toying with the idea of a blog for awhile, but have shied away because I've always been a terrible writer. But I've decided to try, because if I can't ever figure out how to say what I'm thinking I'm never going to get anywhere in life. I feel like I should outline my blogging intentions and set a theme, but really I just want to explore my thoughts to further articulate them before I frustrate boyfriend with another rant he can't figure out because I can't find the right words to tell him.

I've found myself full of ideas of things I want to do in life but feeling constrained that I can't jump up and do them. I want a garden, but I have to wait until the semester is over. I want to cook delicious, organic, healthy, locally grown meals that took more than my microwave. I want to figure out a way to make people understand what is happening to the planet without sounding like a snob, and I want other people to want to change the world just as much as I do. Technically, I'm in school to do just that, but I'm still unclear as to how it's actually going to happen. Mostly, I want to make myself a better person without the fear that I'll just be lazy and give up on everything. I guess I'll just have to work hard and be patient.

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