Saturday, May 9, 2009


I'm making a garden! 

We have some old raised beds that I've been using for the past few years, but they seem to be infected by some sort of wilt that causes everything to die in the middle of the summer. I've been planning new raised beds all winter, but now that spring is actually here and my summer job started up again, I'm finding myself exhausted and busy every night. Somehow last night I found myself both energetic and inspired (at the same time, for once) and managed to clear an area, put up some fence posts, and begin killing the grass. I was going to use newspaper to kill the grass, but my brother suggested some silt fences he had lying around because they're black and will heat up more. I also found a gate and am going to try to put up once I find the right hinge pieces. 

Unfortunately, grass takes awhile to die, and so I can't move forward for at least a few days, probably a week or more. I know it's already May, but most of the things I want to plant don't go in until closer to the end of the month anyways (tomatoes!!) and so hopefully I can get this all finished before then. Mostly, I'm worried that I'll lose momentum and never finish. I guess we'll see!

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